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About Pyramid Visuals

Pyramid Visuals is a digital printing company located in Weybridge Surrey.

Pyramid Visuals specializes not only in large format digital printing but also the manufacturing and design of Exhibition display units, various point of sale and point of purchase material such as dump bins and counter top units, as well as outdoor media solutions such as branding, outdoor banners and building wraps.

Our vehicle branding solution encompasses all manner of car wraps, truck and taxi wraps, vehicle livery, bus branding and fleet branding and livery.

Our work haas been featured on various adverts as well as on TV shows such as "The Gadget show"

As you can see from the pictures we produce all our print in-house gives us better print quality and project management control.

Offering a number of services from building and vehicle wraps to general signage and exhibitions. We specialise in vehicle branding and work with many advertising and marketing agencies to turn their ideas into reality. Visual communications is becoming more widely used as above the line advertising is becoming less effective. The Pyramid group offers this unique medium as a branding solution for many marketing strategies. Our digital printers can print onto almost any material up to 5 metres wide and up to 1440 dpi to give you unlimited branding opportunities.

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