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Digital Satellite Television company case study

Pyramid Visuals involvement in the advertisment for the branding of part of their massive fleet of vehicles


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PyramidVisuals have given a hand to a number of the leading UK companies in recent history, delivering work for Audi, Costa, Greenpeace as well as at present Sky. This has been equally intriguing, notable and demanding the company. Every person in the organization plays a role and a part in the entire process of such a significant undertaking. The company launched this assignment towards the end of the year 2010, and one by one, each Sky automobile reached Pyramid Visuals' factory to endure its alteration and remodeling procedure.

Vehicle wrap

25 marketing and promotional automobiles in total passed through the system at Pyramid over 2 months, such as Vauxhall Zafiras, Smart cars as well as a couple of exhibition Trucks. Each automobile with its already present covering was delivered the factory by a 3rd party driver, examined over, and signed in at office reception.

Sky vehicle wraps

Every automobile was initially then examined by a workforce of sub-contractors. Ken Priddy (of Ken Priddy Sound ,Lighting, Communication,) in the short term had set up base in the hangar next door to pyramidvisuals' factory, where he and his crew started the procedure of evaluating each automobile, examining as well as mending the interior Hi-Tech devices such as satellite dishes and High Definition televisions that are kitted with each vehicle.

One by one, each and every automobile ended up being transferred into the manufacturing area where the squad started to remove the previous vinyl fabric. The autos had formerly been entirely wrapped, and the procedure of elimination of the vinyl was an extensive one!
Once the removal had been completed, each car was then washed and arranged for the subsequent phase.
As a component of this venture, the Visual Graphic designers had analyzed and revised the design provided by Sky. This guaranteed the graphics would match the vehicle’s specific proportions and significantly lower resources waste, once printed.

Having made certain Sky and the organization were content with the visuals, it was then dispatched down to the processing plant where it was printed using a HP5000 inkjet printer. There was a choice to print onto Avery 1900, a vinyl fabric appropriate for short-term wrapping but also long lasting, because of its top quality and surface finish.
The installers then set out on applying the vinyl to the automobile, as each section was produced. Once finished the car was delivered back again to the hangar to wait a complete valet.

Sky fleet vehicle wrap

Soon after the remaining automobiles had gone through the alteration procedure, it was then time for several of the fleet to leave the factory and return to Sky. Third party drivers gradually began to return to collect a vehicle, and each automobile was thoroughly examined and signed out before the car keys were handed over.
The remaining automobiles were stored in the hangar until Sky came back with their film crew.

Sky used the property to shoot their newest instruction video for internal purposes, and spent a few days at Pyramid Visuals. Once sufficient footage had been shot, the remaining automobiles were then signed out, and the job came to a close.

It is interesting for anyone to see how such a project is maintained, prepared and managed. There are many individuals included in each phase of the project, from receiving each car or truck, through to acquiring and purchasing, manufacturing of graphics, producing, and fitting the brand new vinyl.

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