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Eco Friendly Printwork

European citizens initiative'

What is the 'European citizens initiative'?

The Lisbon Treaty introduces a new form of public participation in European Union policy shaping, the European citizens' initiative, which enables one million citizens who are nationals of a significant number of Member States to call directly on the European Commission to bring forward an initiative of interest to them in an area of EU competence. Before citizens can start exercising this new right, a few ground rules and procedures have to be laid down in an EU regulation.

The Treaty at a glance .

On 1 December 2009, the Treaty of Lisbon entered into force, thus ending several years of negotiation about institutional issues.

The Treaty of Lisbon amends the current EU and EC treaties, without replacing them. It provides the Union with the legal framework and tools necessary to meet future challenges and to respond to citizens' demands.

Citizens' summary

Public consultation – How should the new European citizens' initiative work?


The broad features of citizens' initiatives are already laid down in the Lisbon treaty - namely that they must:

This consultation is about how to make these features operational and how to deal with a number of additional questions not covered in the treaty:

A Copy of the Citzen's Summary may be downloaded from this link.

The anatomy of an enviromentally friendly large format digital printing project

Street Art

Street painting, the ancient art of the Mediterranean. Italians call the artists, the 'madonnari' and came about as religious drawings outside of churches often depicting the Virgin Mary, or Madonna.

In the UK these type of artists are known as screevers, or street chalk artists.

Originally derived from Anamorphic art, which dates back to Leonardo da Vinci's works of art which are the earliest examples of perspective anamorphism.

Today, this art form has been responsible for some of the best and imaginative 3d pastel drawings ever to grace sidewalks of the modern world.

Pavement Artists

A number of top 3d street artists make their mark in this form of art, names such as Kurt Wenner, Edgar Mueller and Julian beever spring to mind.

Kurt Wenner

You can often see the works of old classic Renaissance masters, reproduced in 3d by artists like Kurt Wenner, whose 3d street paintings have an almost surreal feel to them, amazingly so.

Wenner is known as possibly the best anamorphic street artist of modern times.

Many think that street painting is unparralelled as an art form and the saddest part is that a street painting is hardly, if ever, a permament fixture and will often be washed away or trodden on by passers by within a day or 2 and will be nothing but a fleeting glimpse of a moment.

Wenner says that this art form is like a symphony, its there to experience for a moment then after the music is gone, all you have left is a memory.

The project

This particular project however, will be a little but more than a fleeting glimpse of what this artist can achieve and combined with an enviroenmentally friendly printing solution and a message, It's aim will be to be longer lasting then a street drawing.

Eco-Friendly Printing requirements

Despite and international standard for eco-friendly or enviromentally friendly goods or services, the idea or notion is to support the claims that service providers and or good manufacturers are supplying goods or services that are leaving a much smaller carbin footprint, emitting less greenhouse gases, using less energy to produce, using less raw materials or produce a product or material that is not only sustainable, but enviromentally friendly when having to dispose of them.

This is turn is to assist with climate change and global warming.

Project Overview

Joining forces with a world reknowned artist, and an internationally acclaimed organization to get a message across while providing an eco-friendly printed solution is not an easy feat.

However as a benchmark, it has to date been a wonderful excercise to be able to stretch our abilities and offer any form of printed solution that is noted as being "green" or environmentally friendly.

Eco Friendly Print offerings

We will now be able to offer any form printed banners, point of sale materials and exhibition materials that fall in line with European eco-friendly needs and requirments.

We will be able to print on substrates such as the Evergreen range offered by Dickson's coatings to produce massive banners to get your messages across.

If you want to put up a huge banner to engage your target audience but want it to be enviromentally friendly, then we can assist.

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