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Eco Friendly Printing

Pyramid Visuals offers green eco friendly printing solutions

Pyramid Visuals now offers a greener solution to your printing needs.

We now stock Eco Friendly substrates as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional materials.

Pyramid Visuals now stocks material from the Evergreen range offered by Dicksons Coatings.

Evergreen Materials



EverGreen Fabrics are free from PVC, Phtalates, Phosphate, Formaldehyde or Glycol-ether which are volatile fabrics; persistant reprotoxic carcinogenic and bioadditionable in the environment, used in the traditional coating industry.

Evergreen Fabrics also use far less raw materials than their standard counterparts.

By comparison, while conventional PVC uses up to 675 g/m² Jet 220, an Evergreen Fabric, uses only up to 330 g/m² which is a reduction of over 50% in raw materials

raw materials  50% less


Fabrication of Evergreen fabrics yeilds more energy savings than conventional fabrics. In most cases a saving of up to 80% is observed.

A PVC banner may use up to 2,18 kW/m² while Jet 220 only 0.41 kW/m².

less enegry

While a PVC banner releases up to 50 g/m² of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)(NF X 43-301) Jet 220 releases 0 g/m².

EverGreen Fabrics do not create any VOC during their production helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.


Evergreen Fabrics are shipped in packaging made of recycled cardboard.

Due to the lighter weight of Evergreen Fabrics versus conventional materials, Evergreen Fabrics require less fuel for their transportation for an equivalent SQM load.


EverGreen Fabrics can be destroyed by local specialized companies. By doing this, you limit the circulation of trucks, responsible for 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world and responsible for climate warming.

Should Evergreen fabrics be destructed through landfill, the decomposition time of the fabrics in the ground is half that of a standard PVC banner (NF EN ISO 6341) (NF T 90-375)

Through incineration, energy regeneration is observed(NF EN ISO 1716); 1sqm of incinerated Jet220 produces 140 W

Combustion gas less harmful for the environment (NF X 70-100)

Reduction of the greenhouse effect:

77% less carbon monoxide in the air.

Greenhouse effect gases are responsible for climate warming.

In the incineration plant, during combustion and pyrolysis, the EverGreen Fabrics release 3 times less greenhouse effect gases.

Less acid rain:

83% less acid gas (HCL HBr). When in contact with humidity contained in the air, some gases can turn into acids and when it rains, these acids decrease the Ph of rivers, lakes and earth. The modification of the environment is 6 times less with our EverGreen Fabrics than a standard PVC banner.

Thanks to their light weight, there is 65% less waste to destroy

65% less material weight




Protection against flames

EverGreen Fabrics are highly flame retardant, especially made for high density human traffic areas: flame retardancy from M1/B1/C1 / NFPA 701 MEA to M0.

Protection against smoke

Choosing a fireproof product is all well and good but it's not enough.

Smoke kills!

Even a forgotten cigarette can cause fabric combustion which will smoulder without bursting into flame and smoke will emanate. Its opacity and toxicity can cause death.

EverGreen Fabrics release only little opaque, toxic smoke - on average 70% less than a standard PVC coated fabric (NFX 70-100 + NFX 10-702).

In the event of fire, EverGreen Fabrics do not give off chlorine gases.

Some of them are even F0 rated (unique in the market!).

More information on the Evergreen fabrics can be found on the Eco Friendly Materials page by following the link below:
Eco Friendly Materials View our Services