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Video Gallery


    Gallery of Services


    Feel free to browse our showcase galleries featuring some of the best exhibition displays, retail displays, point of sale and point of purchase displays as well as a host of vehicle branding solutions as well as outdoor media such as building wraps and large outdoor banners.

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Take a virtual tour of the Pyramid Visuals Factory


Sales Office

sales office

Our sales office located upstairs from the factory houses our account handlers and sales staff as well as the design and production teams.

Fitting Bay

truck fitting bay

Pyramid Visuals has a large factory where we have a fitting bay to do vehicle and truck wraps.

Factory Floor

factory floor


Our factory floor boasts a large area for making huge banners

Printing Machines




The factory houses a number of printing machines varying in size to suit the different requirements of our clients

Finishing Machines



Together with our printing machines, we also have a number of finishing machines such as the Zund Cutter and Millerweld hot air welder.


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