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Zund Flatbed Cutter

Zund flatbed digital die cutter for profile cutting paper, corrugated, cardboard, foamex,Corrugated cardboard, Paper, Foamex, Displayboard, Dufalyte

Zund UK has become one of the market leaders in the supply of X/Y/Z cutting systems. The Zund system incorporate all aspects of cutting, creasing, routing, scoring, plotting etc for numerous industries/materials. As a solution supplier we integrate our automated cutting equipment with several CAD/CAM software packages offering the end user a "turnkey" package. Whether the requirement is for prototyping, sample making, short run production or digital die cutting we are confident of giving you the solution.

Zund Flatbed Cutter

Zund offers the widest range of flatbed cutter formats. A variety of optional conveyor extensions optimize production workflow by providing easily accessible, efficient unloading while cutting operations continue. Different extension lengths are available to meet individual production and space requirement.

Zund UK have established themselves as pioneers and innovators when it comes to offering finishing systems for the Graphics industry. By integrating with products such as the GTK Vision and I-Cut camera registration systems we have provided the industry with a solution that offers "just in time" manufacturing, increased product quality, waste reduction, etc

With the rapid evolution of digital flat bed inkjet printers and the broad range of substrates that can now be printed on them, we have ensured that our product portfolio offers a number of solutions to offer an unmatched level of performance with regard to digital finishing.

Either rigid or roll fed substrates can be finished by utilising various cutting methods which employ knife, router or laser technology.

Our systems are utilised throughout the packaging industry for both sample making and short run applications. With a ride range of substrates to process we offer a comprehensive range of tooling that encompasses all aspects of cutting/creasing in the Corrugated, Folding Carton, Die Making and other related industries.

One of the most recent successes has been in the area of "rubber cutting" for the die making industry. With our unique system the processing of ejection rubber for steel rule dies has taken a significant step forward showing major benefits and cost savings over other traditional methods such as water jets, etc.

Complete solutions are offered by integrating with bespoke software solutions which incorporate functionality such as 2D drafting, parametric libraries, 3D visualisation, die preparation, rubber creation and nesting, etc.

Cutting & Plotting Heads

C2/C2-P Cutting/plotting head with tangentially-controlled blade and pen inserts for alternate plotting or cutting. Max. cutting pressure 1,500g. C2-P (shown): Dual function plotting/cutting head with attached pen module.

Servo Controlled Z-axis

Tz - P

High-performance single-module tool head with (tangential/z-axis controlled) cutting module and attached pen module.

Tz - T - P

High-performance dual-module cutting head (tangential/z-axis controlled), with attached pen module.

Also available as Tzs-T-P20 with extended stroke for machines with 60mm/2.36” clearance.


V-cut tool for cutting thicker POP/POS materials (e.g. X-board, Re-board, Kappa, corrugated cardboard, etc.) at a 45-degree angle for display applications.


Same as above but with additional tangentially controlled cutting module.

Tool insert

The tool insert accommodates many different types of blades, creasing wheels, even a scoring tool (for cutting glass).

Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT3)

Motor-driven oscillating/reciprocating tool ideal for cutting softer and/or porous, multilayered materials (e.g. foam core, fabric/textiles, corrugated board). The “sawing” motion of the blade provides a cleaner cutting edge that can be achieved with a standard “drag cut”.

Creasing/Scoring Tools

Creasing/scoring tools are available in various thickness and configurations. Applications include various types of packaging, presentation folders, displays, cards, etc.

45° V-cut tool

The V-cut tool is designed specifically for 45-degree angle cuts in display applications using X-board, Re-board, Kappa, corrugated cardboard, etc. In combination with this new cutting technique required for shaping them, these exciting new materials and applications offer nearly unlimited potential for various types of displays.

Explanation of Abbreviations used in Tool Head designations.

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