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    Feel free to browse our showcase galleries featuring some of the best exhibition displays, retail displays, point of sale and point of purchase displays as well as a host of vehicle branding solutions as well as outdoor media such as building wraps and large outdoor banners.

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Event Branding, Exhibition Branding, Tradeshow Branding and marketing

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Event Branding, Promotional Signage, Roadshows and promotional branding, Marquee prints, Banner, Scrims, Bus & Coach wraps, Carpet print, Flags

Road shows are becoming more effective as these events get to the heart of your target audience and we can produce a wide range of promotional branding to get you noticed.

We understand the importance of event organizing and brand recognition to ensure the right message gets across at the event.

The continued increase in popularity of outdoor events and festivals has led to brand 'experiences' becoming a cost-effective method of reaching customers at ground level. This can be in the form of sampling, product placement, or fully produced entertainment. Our team will work alongside your designer or production agency, to ensure we can produce the best possible print to making your brand stand out amongst the crowds.


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Event Branding

Event branding or exhibition branding is an effective marketing strategy, and is a way of communicating with your target audience. Promotional Branding is a way to get your company noticed, as well as conveying the right message to potential customers. Event branding is popular at outdoor events such as festivals, historic squares and exhibition halls. It is a cost effective way of reaching customers. There are many different ways in which event branding can appear, for example; at a music festival or exhibition. Some of the types of branding that can occur are; branding wrap on vehicles such as busses, external themeing, site branding, venue marketing, theming and branded tents however; the possibilities are endless.

exhibition event

Brand Name

From a marketing perspective the brand name is everything. It is one of the most crucial elements in developing a products brand image.


A good slogan can help customers commit a brand to memory. Slogans are crucial when developing verbal identity. The slogan should convey the audience in a clever way letting them know what they should expect.


A well branded event should have a custom logo, specific to the event to promote freshness and excitement to the event. It is also a good idea to incorporate the brand name and the slogan to the logo.

printed event marquee

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