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Printed Backdrops

Printed Backdrops, Photo Backdrops, Studio & Stage Backdrops, Photography Backdrops, Printed fabric, Wall Murals, Studio Backdrop & Background

Used for the film, tv and theatre industry, we supply scenic printed backdrops, translight printed backdrops, muslin back cloths, huge format printing, photo backgrounds, tv and stage props, mural backdrops, photography backdrop and carpet prints.

Film and Theatre Backdrops are the ideal solution if you are looking for a simple, quick and cost effective way to increase the background choices available to you and your customers.

backdrop theater backdrop

Pyramid Visuals digitally printed backdrops are a simple and effective alternative to hand painted canvas or muslin backdrops.

Perfect for many situations. Digital backdrops can be used for studio photography, Theatre, film and TV, event photography, weddings, outdoor events and more.

Scenic backdrops have come a long way since Florentine artist and architect Filippo Brunelleschi discovered the principles of linear perspective in 1425. Using Brunelleschi's system, artists could scientifically measure and draw a scene with visual depth onto a backdrop, and by the end of the 16th century it was all the rage on the stage. Three hundred years later, a new technology has been developed that has further affected set design. Using digital images and enormous printers, a backdrop for the stage can now be downloaded, printed and delivered in a week or less. Although digital backdrops will never replace hand-painted drops, in certain situations they do offer advantages to a designer.

backdrop for theater large backdrop

Digital backdrops provide certain advantages. If a backdrop is damaged, it can be quickly and easily replaced, which may be particularly useful for touring show drops that get a lot of wear and tear. The images can be saved on a database and used again, even 10 years down the road. The printed drops also can be hung and stored multiple times without affecting the quality of the image. Turnaround time for a digitally printed backdrop can be quick, depending on the size. Using inkjet printers, backdrops can be printed on a number of coated (and some non-coated) fabrics. The resolution is approximately 300 dpi, similar to standard office printers, which can yield sharp, crisp prints from high-resolution originals. Digital printing using airbrush technology can be done on a wide range of materials, including cotton and synthetic fabrics, muslins, canvas, RP screen, sharkstooth scrim and even Venetian blinds. Seamless images can be printed up to 40 feet wide; alternatively, panels can be printed and joined together with an “invisible” seam.

While digitally printed backdrops are durable it is possible to print on both sides making it even easier to operate during those times of pressure when you need things done, and fast. With high quality visuals, the graphics on the print are extremely convincing and perfect for any mood, set, atmosphere desired for your project. Whatever the image is printed on, may that be canvas or other synthetics for outdoor use, you would be guaranteed awe-inspiring visuals.


large theater backdrop

Frequently asked questions.

Q: What can the backdrops be used for?

A: The backdrops can be used for film, theatre, studio photography, outdoor events and many more.

Q: Can one buy a backdrop or is it only for rent?

A: All backdrops may only be purchased.

Q: What is the cost of buying a backdrop?

A: The cost of purchasing a backdrop will be determined by the size of it.

Q: What sizes are the backdrops?

A: We can make the backdrop any size to tailor your needs. Our super wide format digital printers can print up to 5 metres by any length.

Q: How are the backdrops painted?

A: The backdrops are digitally printed by our superwide format digital printers which use solvent inks.

Q: What type of material is used for backdrops?

A: We produce backdrops on various substrates - both synthetic and natural fibre, cotton, canvases, front lit PVC or back lit PVC.

Q: Are the backdrops fire-retardant?

A: We can treat the backdrops with fire-retardant.

Q: How many backdrops do you have?

A: None, all our backdrops are bespoke, made to suit your requirements.

Q: I want to buy a backdrop but I don't see what I am looking for in your stock.

A: Contact us and explain what you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q: Can I use my own artwork for the backdrop?

A: Yes you can but the image must be high resolution.

Q: Who is responsible for installing and erecting the backdrop?

A: The customer is responsible for hanging the backdrop. You can do it yourself or contract a contractor to set up a pipe and drape system.

Q: How long does a backdrop last?

A: Many years if stored correctly.

Q: Is the lighting of a backdrop important?

A: Correct lighting of a backdrop is one of the most important elements in the display of backdrops.

Q: Can we illuminate the backdrop from behind?

A: Yes you can, this creates an ideal night-time scenery effect.

Q: Can we print the backdrop double sided?

A: Yes you can this is ideal for a day and night backdrop. The daytime scene is illuminated from the front and the night-time scene is illuminated from behind.

Q: How are backdrops stored?

A: Our backdrops can be rolled and stored in a box or case in a dry environment.

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