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FSDU - Free standing display units - Merchandising

Point of Sale / Point of Purchase

Point of sale / Point of Purchase - FSDU

Creative cardboard Packaging:


fsdu fsdu  

Look at different types of Point of Sale (POS) packaging and some of it will appeal to your senses whilst others will merely look functional.

It can make such a high difference if you have Creative Packaging for your products because it will stand out more to your potential clients.
fsdu fsdu  
Something as simple as a Counter top Displays unit(CTU) can be enhanced with a few design ideas and if your shop sells food or drink you can have promotional cardboard packaging called FSDU (free standing displays unit) which help promote the products. The outside of the FSDU can be treated to a host of digitally print designs to really promote your brand in style.

free standing display unit fsdu  

When it comes to Creative Packaging there are many point of sale solutions available and Pyramid Visuals can provide you with the ideal type of packaging or FSDU for your needs.
Get in touch and give us the brief and we will amaze you with our innovative ideas.
It`ll be much easier to promote your product if it is held within the confines of some highly Creative Packaging. Use eye catching designs to draw in the crowds and watch as your products fly off the shelves.
Certain types of packaging will grab your attention whilst others will fade into the background. The key is to make sure your products leap out at the customer and not sit silently as people stroll on by.

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