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Scitex XL1500

Scitex Vision XLjet+5, an eight-colour system with a five meters width.

The Scitex Vision XLjet+5 builds on the accomplishments of the market-leading XLjet, which has become synonymous with quality and productivity. This second-generation system delivers an even more technologically advanced system with additional capabilities and higher versatility, which will ensure its position as the leading super-wide format printer in the market place.

Enhanced capabilities make the Scitex Vision XLjet+5 ideal for indoor POP/ POS and applications where close-viewing is a factor. The Scitex Vision XLjet+5 can print double-sided and backlit applications with pinpoint registration, while its ability to print on a wide variety of substrates (including flex, banner, canvas, mesh, Tyvek™, textiles, paper and vinyl) makes applications such as billboards, floor and window graphics, textiles (including carpets) and vehicle wraps particularly suitable.

scitex 1500

The Scitex Vision XLjet+5 is exceptionally flexible and minimizes downtime, as the latest features include the advanced “File-Transformer” software, which enables the printer to deliver files from the Onyx® PosterShop® RIP directly to the printer queue, while the system is printing. The system also supports easy switching between four, six and eight colours (CMYK + LC, LM, LY, LK). The Scitex Vision XLjet+5 is compatible with Scitex Vision's VisionInk XL200 Supreme and Classic inks, enabling faster printing of perfect images by reducing the number of necessary passes. Additionally, the ink offers a brilliant, unmatched colour gamut and durability of up to two years.

scitex 1500

Use the Scitex Vision XLjet+5 for:

Technology :

Resolution (max) :

up to 370X740 dpi*


Pigment and solvent-based.UV-resistant for up to 2 years**


Dedicated RIP for Scitex Vision XLjet +5


All popular graphic file formats, including: EPS, PostScript level 3 and PDF


TIFF PPI: resolution 5 - 23 dpi

TIFF bitmap (pre-separated): resolution 46 - 370 dpi

Special features:

* Apparent in XL quality mode, and sample mode
**According to standard ASTM-D2565-99

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