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Avery Materials

Avery Supreme Warranty for Graphics

Pyramid Visuals is committed to offering quality products and service. To add to our dedication on quality we have formed an alliance with Avery, in conjunction with Scitex™ to offer Avery® MPI Supreme Cover for graphics. This is prepared to present the best of both worlds when purchasing printed vinyls – a secure guarantee from the film manufacturer in combination with the inks and equipment of the Scitex Xljet™.

Avery Supreme Warranty for Graphics

AveryÒ MPI Supreme Cover for graphics Printed on the ScitexVision XLJet

What is AVERY® Supreme Cover?

Avery® Supreme Cover is Avery’s warranty system, which offers you all the reassurance you can wish for.

In the unlikely event that one of our films is not in a perfect shape, our system offers you a warranty on several ranges of self-adhesive materials, in combination with a variety of inks, original equipment manufacturers and converters. Avery® Supreme Cover covers not only the cost of the defective material, but also the cost of inks, re-conversion, removal and re-application. Underlining Avery’s belief in providing quality and durability.

What are the pre-conditions?

Avery® Supreme Cover offers cover to specified converters, equipment supplied by specified OEM’s and ink supplied by specified ink suppliers. These are:


All converters working according to Avery Graphics’ Technical Bulletins available on this website Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s):

Gerber Inc., Mutoh, Nur, Océ, Scitex Vision, Seal Graphics, VUTEk.

Ink suppliers:

Marabuwerke GmbH, Sericol Ltd., Coates Ltd.

What is covered by Avery® Supreme Cover?

Depending on activity and product range, Avery® Supreme Cover covers material, inks, re-conversion, removal of defective graphic and re-application up to a pre-determined limit. Digital printing:

Avery® MPI, Avery® IPM, Avery® IPM-I, Avery® MPI-A. For Gerber Edge® printing: Avery Supreme Cover valid for Avery® 800 PC + 900 SC. Refund of material and ribbons. Signage (computer cutting):

Avery® 800 PC, Avery® 900 SC films, Avery® 5500 QM Translucent films, Avery® 5000 Flexible Subtrate. Refund of material, re-conversion, removal and re-application with a total maximum limit of two times the cost of material. Avery Supreme Warranty for Graphics View our Services