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Point of Sale Materials

POS Materials

Various POS Materials

Main materials used for digitally printed POS for example Standees, Posters, FSDU's, Free Standing Display Units, Dump bins etc


This material is available in various compositions, ranging from coated and uncoated woodfree papers to silk coated, matt coated and gloss coated products. Available in a large selection of weights from 90gsm - 400gsm.

Common usage:

Folding Boxboard / graphics boards.

A step up in thickness over paper, this type of card is available as either a single sided board or a double sided board. This refers to the coating on each side of the board for printing purposes for quality of finish and its usage is dependent on the application and type of product.
An opaque board is also available for work requiring no show through, although, the type of grade/thickness is very limited.
Due to the wide applications of this substrate, boxboard is usually measured in gsm and microns but generally speaking, this material fills the gap between paper and display board.

Common usage:

Display board.

A solid heavyweight board comprising of a recycled material sandwiched between high quality boxboard liners.
Available with a grey centred material, or for higher quality applications, a white centred material.
Produced in a range of thicknesses ranging from 750 micron – 2500 micron.

Common usage:

Corrugated board.

A lightweight but durable fluted board.
Available in many different configurations.
The most commonly used in the POS sector are E Flute (approx. 1mm thick with close fluting), B Flute (approx. 4mm thick with wide fluting) and EB Flute (a combination of both E and B Flute for extra rigidity).
These are all available with different types of lining for either printing direct to substrate or for print and mount purposes and sheet sizes can be any size, dependant on quantity ordered.

Common usage:

Rigid PVC.

A rigid pvc film calendared to give a high gloss finish on both sides or a smooth matt finish on both sides.
Available in thicknesses from approx. 140 micron – 950 micron and usually available in white and clear.
An Opal version is also available for backlit applications.

Common usage:

Foam Centred Board.

A layer of polystyrene foam lined both sides with matt white paper.
Available in very large sheet sizes in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses.
This material is incredibly lightweight but can also be quite fragile.
This is ideally suited to indoor hanging applications.

Common usage:

Foam PVC.

A durable, hard-wearing white or black Foam PVC which is available in large sheet sizes and up to 10mm thick.

Common usage:


A thermoplastic polymer available in a variety of colours, finishes and thicknesses.
Very durable and kinder to the environment than pvc due to its ease of recycling.
This is also available as a fluted board.

Common usage:

Self Cling.

Self Cling (also know as friction stick or static cling) .
This is a non-adhesive backed vinyl commonly used for window graphics.
This material is re-usable i.e it can be applied to a particular window for a period of time and then it can be taken down and moved to another window.
It also has the benefit of not leaving any residue when stripping away from the window.
Available in transparent or white.

Common usage:

Self Adhesive Vinyl.

Available in transparent, white gloss, white matt, coloured and even a large range of speciality products eg brushed aluminium.
This is a self adhesive backed vinyl which can be selected with a permanent or removable adhesive backing.
Similar in application to Self Cling, the difference being this material uses an adhesive coating to stick on to the surface it’s applied to.
This is better to use for more permanent graphics and stickers.

Common usage:

Floor Media.

This is a specialist material for displaying graphics on all types of flooring, whether inside or outside.
There are 2 elements to this media kit, the first of which is the self adhesive vinyl.
This is available in clear or white and is the substrate on which the graphic is printed to.
On the reverse of this vinyl is the adhesive coating.
The type of adhesive is dependent on the surface of which the graphic is to be applied to ie concrete, floor tiles or carpet.
The second part to this is the overlaminate.
This is a rugged slip resistant laminate, again with an adhesive reverse.
This is applied over the printed graphic forming a protective layer.

Common usage:

Holographic and Mirror papers and board.

These are specialist foils mounted on to various weights of card.
The range of designs are broad and can add an eye-catching look to any type of POS application.
The Mirror board range comes in a variety of different colours including Silver and Gold and with a smooth, glossy or silk finish.
The holographic range includes rainbow effects, dotted effects, water effects and many more.

Common usage: