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Eco Friendly Materials

The range of Eco Friendly materials stocked by Pyramid Visuals

Jet 250

Jet 250 is an Evergreen Fabric xmaterial made for digital printing with solvent inks and UV inks

Jet 250 can be assembled with different processes such as high frequency welding with a tape stitching

Jet 250 is a eco friendly fabric

Jet 220

Jet 220 is suitable for all applications and formats.

Jet 220 is a fire retardant fabric

Jet 220 is a lightweight fabric (200g /m²) and highly fire retardant: M1 / Cl1 / NFPA 701/ CSFM / MEA

Jet 220 perfectly prints on most digital printing machines. Thanks to its grain and finish, Jet 220 does not generate any glare once printed.

Jet 220 is a multi-purpose fabric and has excellent mechanical resistance; it does not curl whatever its format or presentation.

Scrollers: Jet 220 is perfectly adapted to medium or long-term advertising. Scrollers from 2 to 12m²

POS communication:

Thanks to its mechanical properties, Jet220 is suitable for any type of roll-ups and displays>

Exhibition / events / museums

Jet 220 is perfectly suitable for signs, communications or interior decoration and can also be used for wall-coverings, banners or kakemonos.

Jet Tex

Jet Tex is a lightweight textile fabric (300 g/m²), environmentally-friendly, highly fire retardant (M1 / C1 / NFPA 701 / CSFM / MEA) enabling you to manage all your communications and interior decoration projects.

Jet Tex offers excellent printability using these digital printing machines on the market.

Colours are bright and clear thanks to its grain and finish, without glare to obscure the picture or the text.


Sales events: Jet Tex can be used for point-of-sales advertising in a multitude of formats: kakemonos / banners / displays

Interior design and architecture: Jet Tex is suitable for shop decoration, offices or public places stretched on a frame or as wallpaper.

Exhibitions / events / museums: Jet Tex is perfectly suitable for signs, communications or decoration.

Jet Tex as a substrate for exhibitions, decoration or even for paintings.

Paintings / pictures: Jet Tex is the ideal solution for the reproduction of paintings or pictures.


Eclypse more than satisfies the most demanding requirements in fire and smoke ratings.

Eclypse : the safest possible solution

Eclypse represents the safest possible solution for communication and decoration in high density human traffic areas such as airports, train stations, subways, trade shows and shopping malls.

The Eclypse fabric is incombustible, conforming to the strictest flame retardancy norms in the world: Eclypse has M0 / F0 approval.

M0 signifies that in the case of fire, Eclypse will not burn at all. This fabric conserves its M0 rating even after printing.

F0 means that Eclypse, in contact with flames, will only emanate non-toxic and low opacity smoke

In choosing Eclypse, you opt for total safety.

Eclyspe, an easy to use textile

Eclyspe is ideal for fixed signage, interior decoration as well as advertising and promotional usage.

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