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Canvas Pictures

Printed Canvas Pictures

Large format printing - Canvas Pictures

Digitally Printed canvas picture frames, High resolution Canvas Printing, Artist Grade Canvas Prints, Photographic prints onto Canvas, Commerical picture printing, High quality Canvas Print, Muslin Digital printing.

All our canvases are printed on our high resolution large format digital printers on to artist grade canvas then stretched over a timber frame. This give a high quality finishing touch to residential and commercial spaces including restaurants, bars, hotels and office interiors. All our canvases are custom made to your exact requirements. We can produce canvas prints up to 4900mm wide and to any length. Extra supports are fitted in the frames of larger prints for a superior quality finish.

canvas printing canvas picture canvas prins

You can use your own supplied image or choose an image from our extensive gallery. We also provide a full graphic design service providing you with full colour proofs prior to printing.

The canvas material usually used is the 180 gms matt canvas paper which is an opaque. Our water-resistant art canvas digital prints have high UV stability and resistance to splashes. Other are canvas include 340gms 100% pure cotton artist canvas; on single sided, water fast 350gms artist canvas sheets, high quality exhibition grade artist cotton canvas prints available in stretched, unstretched and framed formats.

canvas picture canvas banner canvas banner

We work with film negatives; original artworks; slides; photos; existing prints and all other digital storing devices. We print classical art works and contemporary art works and can also retouch old or damaged art work to enhance the quality of the digital canvas print.

How big do you go?

Our digital print machines are some of the biggest in the country and can print in one piece up to 4900mm wide! The length can be as long as you can afford!

What is the resolution?

On our 5meter superwide printer the dpi (dots per square inch) is 185 on our smaller higher resolution printer 1600mm wide is 720dpi.

How good quality does the original photo have to be?

It needs be very high quality as the larger we increase the size of the image the pixels that make up the photo will become visible.

Do they have a plastic coating?

No. Our canvas prints look and feel like fabric. They do not have a plasticised coating. The raw grainy feel of the canvas is a popular feature. The inks penetrate deep into the canvas. Canvas with plastic coatings or laminated surfaces do not stretch!

What do I need to take into account regarding the subject of the photo?

When you choose your image, make sure the main subject is in the middle and has enough room around it to fit in the frame. Please take into account that the print gets wrapped around to the reverse of the stretcher bar frame. This means approximately 2-3cm of your image (on all four sides) will not be visible 'head on' when looking at the finished piece. Please be sure to avoid any key subject at the very edge of the photo. We do our very best to avoid losing any key features on the edge, but it is worth noting this point at the stage of choosing your photo. If you are ordering the deeper block frame then 4-5 cm of the image (on all four sides) is wrapped to the sides and back of the frame.

How much is delivery?

From £8.00 but depends on size please phone for a quotation.

How deep is the stretcher frame?

The standard stretcher bar frame is 2cm deep (three quarters of an inch). We also make 4cm (1.5") frames to order at additional charge and take 7 days longer. All stretch frames have hardwood corner wedges. All canvas prints are stretched and mounted by hand.

How Can I keep it clean?

Vacuuming with a correct attachment - e.g. curtain nozzle as appropriate when hung on wall. We also recommend dusting or wiping with a damp cloth perhaps with mild soapy water if marked. Do not get frame soaking wet as it may warp. No solvents. Use a lint roller for fluff.

Is it ok to put my canvas print up in the bathroom?

Steam will not damage the canvas material or the print or the wooden frame in normal bathroom conditions. Prolonged steam could lead to warping of the frame - but that would have to be like a steam room i.e. constant and hot. If just normal bathroom conditions then there should be no problem. Avoid splashing water on the wooden frame. A minor splash won't hurt, but best to avoid.

How long do they take to make and deliver?

We try to get your canvas within 5 days but depend on the size of your frames. If your frames are larger then 2m x 3m then allow two weeks.

What are the size guidelines?

The canvases are made to measure - so you identify your photo and wall hanging space and give us the dimensions for production. Sections of your photograph can be used by cropping it.

Are the printed images durable?

Yes very durable, and colour / lightfast.

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