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    Event Branding for Sky roadshow


    Feel free to browse our showcase galleries featuring some of the best exhibition displays, retail displays, point of sale and point of purchase displays as well as a host of vehicle branding solutions as well as outdoor media such as building wraps and large outdoor banners.

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Large Format Print

The advertising industry has been transformed by large format digital printing

We have all have seen buses and other vehicles wrapped in large format prints. This wasn’t possible as early as a decade ago, however we now have the ever-expanding realm of computers to thank for bringing this cutting-edge technology into our lives.

Printing today allows businesses to design posters of any scale. Even though most large format printers can sometimes only reach about 16 feet in width, layering can create larger images. These can cover a building two or three times over, as long as there's a flat surface big enough to accommodate the image.

Retail displays, pop displays and display graphics that stop traffic

When you need large format digital printing for banners, retail displays, POP displays, and more, consult Pyramid Visuals. We can show you how to create the perfect large format print in order to create impact and best promote your business to your target market. We understand that you need billboards (or other types of large format prints) that make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Simply get in touch for a free quote. We’d love to help you create a unique large format digital print that enables you to stand out, connect with your target audience and represent your brand in the best possible way.

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