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Retails Cardboard Stands

Retail Cardboard stands and displays.

Pyramid Visuals is a supplier of cardboard stands for retail usage.


Cardboard stands, more commonly known as FSDU's or free standing display units, are engineered to withstand reasonable weight and are designed to suit your requirements.
Smaller versions of cardboard stands for use on retail counter tops, are referred to as CTU's or counter top units.

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to become impulse buyers if something catches their eye, hence we aim to make our cardboard retail display stands extremely eye catching and captivating as possible with great designs and bright colours.

In todays cut throat times, we need an edge over our competition, but without comprimising on cost and budget. Our retail stands are extremely cost effective and will give you the edge over your competitors.

cardboard standsfull upright fsdu cardboard stand


We pride ourselves as being professionals in the field of engineered cardboard presentation stands, FSDU's, CTU's, cardboard standees, cardboard stands, countertop displays. cardboard display rack, cardboard display holders, cardboard card stands, cardboard counter display and cardboard card display in the UK.

We are a Weybridge, Surrey based firm expert in customized Cardboard Engineering applications, we also provide the planning and creation of point of sale displays, customized packaging and corrugated cardboard packaging containers.

We will design a completely bespoke solution for your retail needs.

We deliver all around the United Kingdom and will be able to cater for your point of sale requirements.
Pyramid Visuals employs the most up-to-date technological innovation and equipment needed to give you a full-range of point of sale displays, cardboard product packaging boxes and Cardboard Stands.

In order to see a cardboard display project through to the end, we can assist in helping you through the process, from design right through to implementation.

You'll find a substantial choice of cardboard advertising exhibits to fit virtually any necessity from advertising standards,event and point of sale innovations, to Cardboard Dump Containers and document distribution holders not to mention full colour cardboard suggestion containers for free-standing or desk-top exhibit.

Our products are not only suited for high street or retail usage but can also be used for tradeshows and exhibitions where the aim is to attract as much attention to the display as possible.

Our support staff are on hand to answer any of your merchandising or cardboard stand queries and are looking forward to assisting you with your next point of sale project.

Looking for a greener solution?

Pyramid Visuals has gone green and now offer a range of green and eco friendly materials in our already extensive range.

FSDU card board retail displays

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