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CD Display Stands - DVD Display Stands - Game Display Stands

Cardboard display stands for CD's DVD's and Games

Pyramid Visuals is a supplier of Cardboard DVD display stands for retail usage.


dvd display casegames dvd stand

There is nothing that catches the eye in a retail store than a well designed point of sales display and in todays times, with more and more games, Blu Ray movies, DVD's and CD's available, its always a great idea to market and stock various brands at the same time.
This can be done by deploying a display stand for DVD's or CD's that doubles as a storage facility. No need to get stock from the back room, it gets stored right on the display unit!

Pyramid Visuals produce a wide range of cardboard display stands and cases for DVD's, CD's and Games.

dvd cardboard display casegames dvd cardboard stand

As an authentic producer with our own manufacturing facilities and warehousing, supported with more than 15 years of expertise, we are not restricted to offering off-the-shelf displays. We can supply total bespoke cardboard display stands to suit any need. The sizes on our range vary from small to extra large and we supply in any design or colour requirement.
We have complete manufacturing facilities to design and build from scratch.

We would be more than happy to supply you with a possible solution for your display and encourage you to please enquire about our bespoke display stands.

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